Car luggage racks are now becoming more and more popular. I believe that most car fans will have something called a luggage rack on the roof of their car.

If you don’t install a luggage rack, it always feels like something is missing. The essence of the luggage rack is to load items. Can we really use it in normal times?
Where is the luggage rack? Car luggage racks are usually installed on the car roof, and there are two brackets fixed on the left and right sides of the roof.
1. The trouble of limited space. The space in the car is very limited. Every inch of the space must be fully utilized. There are many boxes for storing items in the car. Some of our small items can be placed next to the seating position in the car. , Such as the sundries box in the passenger seat and sundries openings for small items, but the largest item in the car is still stored in the trunk. The trunk space of the car is small and crowded, and the space for storing items is very limited. The place where the car can put the goods is usually the trunk. The trunk generally can only fit two suitcases of general size. If necessary, I want to install it again. Other things are no longer enough, which is also annoying for many riders who travel far away.
Second, it is the availability of the roof; above the roof is a very precious virgin land, the area of ​​the roof is equal to the area of ​​our passenger compartment, so the space that can be used is very large.
Third, it can hold a lot of things; when riders go out to play, they can carry a lot of things, such as oversized suitcases, bicycles, tents, swimming rings, rubber boats and so on. . . Fourth, what is the biggest use of the luggage rack?
The main function of the car luggage rack is to load large items. As our back-up luggage space is very limited, we can only ask for space above the roof of the car. If we want to travel far, we need to bring some relatively large luggage Items, the space of the trunk is limited, only relatively small ordinary suitcases can be put, if you also need to bring other large travel items, it is obviously not enough. The huge roof space meets the needs of the bulk It is a pity that the items are carried in the open air. The luggage rack of the car can expand the space and make good use of the roof space.
The beautiful car luggage rack can not only carry goods, but also play a beautiful role. The luggage rack can be used as a decorative strip to add a touch of sportiness to the bare roof.
Not just anything can be put on the roof of the car. Consider the load-bearing capacity of the roof. If the weight is too large, the whole roof will be crushed.
According to the compatibility of the item and the luggage rack, if the item cannot be fixed on the luggage rack, it is useless.